How to you review and cull your photos and videos?

Are you tired of using inefficient tools to review large quantities of photos?


Pixort is an affordable tool for reviewing, comparing, sorting and culling photographic image files. It is not yet another photo archiving and organizing tool: it is dedicated to the initiation of a digital photography workflow where a photographer reviews his or her 2000 photos from the vacation or latest wedding assignment.


Pixort is designed to be easy to use, fast and offers an efficient workflow for culling and ranking lots of photos.

Photo overflow!

The digital cameras have made quite a revolution within photography. Photographers and amateurs can take thousands of photos in a day.


Despite the advantages, it causes one obvious problem: how do you quickly sort and cull photos? With 50 photos, it’s not a problem, but how about 500 photos after a weekend of mountain hiking? How about 5000 photos from a summer vacation?


Obviously, an effective way to sort and cull photos is needed.

Typical photography workflow

A digital photographer’s workflow typically includes some typical steps:


  1. 1. Shooting
  2. 2. Reviewing/culling
  3. 3. Post-processing
  4. 4. Archiving.

After the most inevitable part of a photography workflow (the shooting!), the photographer needs to reject unsuccessful shots and sort those remaining.


Displaying and dragging photos into the correct folder in Windows file explorer is ok for 50 photos, but extremely impractical for 2000 photos!


This is where Pixort comes to the rescue.

Pixort features

  • Fast and efficient photo and video sorting
  • Compare multiple photos and videos
  • Zoom in to multiple photos simultaneously
  • Jpeg and raw support
  • Use mouse or keyboard to quickly sort photos with minimal effort