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Pixort can be purchased easily via SWReg's secure server. Note that JottoSoft does not get your credit card number, as SWReg is taking care of the billing. By selecting one of the purchasing options, you are forwarded to SWReg's secure server for payment.


After your payment is done, you will get a licence key email and download instructions.


Pixort v2.x single-user licence     $25      Buy now!
Pixort v2.x single-user licence for Norwegian users
(including 25% VAT/MVA) *


* Note to Norwegian users/viktig informasjon til norske kunder

Da jeg er pålagt å kreve inn 25% merverdiavgift fra norske kunder, må norske brukere velge alternativ 2; "Pixort v1.x single-user licence for Norwegian users (including 25% VAT/MVA)". Prisen på $31 er inkludert MVA.

What's included?

Included in the price is e-mail support and free upgrades for minor upgrades (2.2, 2.3, 2.4, etc).


05. July 2017

Pixort 2.2.1 was released


  • Misc bugfixes


29. August 2016

Pixort 2.2 was released


  • Video support!


08. August 2016

Pixort 2.1.3 was released


  • Misc bugfixes


24. October 2014

Pixort 2.1 was released


  • Open photo in external application
  • Set an absolute path as destination folder for each tag
  • "Recent folders" menu above the folder panel
  • Button to link all selected photos to desk
  • Optional zooming with ctrl + left mouse button drag
  • Toolbar button for zoom next to the pan button
  • Support for Panasonic .rw2 raw files


19. October 2014

Pixort 2.0.2 was released


  • Support for Fuji RAF raw files


11. October 2014

Pixort 2.0.1 was released

  • When tagging a photo while having photos on the desk, Pixort advances to the next photo on the desk rather than the next unsorted photo


03. October 2014

Great news - Pixort 2.0 was released!


  • Totally new interface
  • A convenient "desk" for keeping track on which photos you are working with at the moment
  • Supporting many new RAW formats
  • Lots of small enhancements